Fighting to Save our High Streets

Our high streets are turning into ghost towns but Mayoral candidate sets out her fight to save them. Jessie Joe Jacobs is today launching her ambitious plans to revive struggling high streets across Tees Valley and deal with the empty shop scourge that is blighting our town centres. In her fight to save our high streets, Jessie has pledged to set up a High Street Innovation Fund if elected as Mayor of Tees Valley. The initiative will be a catalyst for innovative ideas to spark new life into the high street. £1.5m from the Combined Authority’s budget will be set aside for local businesses and start-ups to fund their ideas for the hundreds of empty buildings that blight our high streets across the region. The fund will be led and held by high street stakeholders, local businesses and communities. Continue reading

Let's Rebuild Teesside on Rock and Roll - My plan for The Festival of Teesside.

Culture and tourism must be part of the Tees Valley revival. This is why I am announcing a festival of Teesside to really put this place on the map. The great thing is, it won't cost the local public a penny! We have some amazing sports, music and comedy talent, such as Bob Mortimer, Richie Kilty, James Arthur, Chris Rea, and Mackenzie Thorpe. I want to create a platform for our well-known talent and for our emerging talent to be seen, heard and celebrated with a summer long event in 2022 that could increase visitor numbers to this area by up to 1 million people. We must support all our towns and rural areas and start celebrating and showcasing them. This means every part of Hartlepool, Redcar, East Cleveland, Darlington, Stockton and Middlesbrough. The Festival of Teesside is the perfect opportunity to get working on this, so that no community in the Tees Valley is left behind. Continue reading